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The Shadows of Kent

The Shadows of Kent is a game with a myriad of goals both within the game world and for the development team.

Firstly the game will be played using the PBM Engine, a roll and keep system developed by Daniel Raino and Sarah Self. This system is still in relatively early development and one goal of The Shadows of Kent is to help enrich that development process.

Another goal I have in mind for this game is to revive a sense of ownership and fidelity within the game world by having a strong but geographically small world with meaningful denizens who the players care about and rely on. I hope to achieve this by having the game take place in just a few locations and by having the player characters become embedded within their community through things like land ownership, titles, and guild responsibilities. I recognize that competent NPCs can be dangerous because it is important to keep the spot light on the PCs. I consider this aspect of the game to experimental and look forward to feed back.

Finally one of the major guiding principles in the development of this game is abstraction over simulation. This game is not meant to approximate reality. It is meant to provide a medium for story telling. It is my hope that much of the world building will be collaborative and improvisational and that those flashes of creativity find purchase on a strong skeleton created by relevant NPCs and a cohesive setting.

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